Saturday, December 31, 2011

Modern day Balaams

As I was preparing to teach on Numbers 22-24, the lesson plan and commentary talked a great deal about the prophet Balaam.

Most of the discussion centered around whether or not Balaam was a good prophet who fell, or a false prophet who God used despite his pursuit of money & fame.

There are many modern day men who seem to me to be modern day Balaams. Those men who know the truth & the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet are more interested in their financial gain and the accolades of man. Men who wear the title of Reverend but haven't spoken the name of Jesus to anyone in years. Men who wear the title of Pastor yet speak only of being happy and fulfilled instead of becoming more like Jesus.

For myself, I pray that I never fall prey to the temptation of Balaam. May God never have to use a talking donkey to get me to see Him and obey Him!

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