Saturday, February 7, 2015

Can We Talk?

I need to vent for a moment...

I keep hearing about Shannon Watts and her group pushing for more gun control. I keep hearing about this Democrat Senator or that Democrat Representative pushing for more gun control. They keep repeating the same old tired language about "common sense" gun control. They want background checks for every purchase. They want limits on the number of cartridges that can be held in a magazine. They want firearms with this feature or that feature banned.

But as Joan Rivers would say..."can we talk?" Seriously. Let's try a little common sense, shall we? I worked for years as a machinist, on both manual and CNC equipment. I know how to weld, I know how to use a torch, and I know how to bend and break sheet metal.

If I want any type of firearm, I can easily make it myself.
If I want a magazine that holds 50 cartridges, I can easily make it myself.
If I want a sound suppressor, I can easily make it myself.
If I want a fully automatic pistol or rifle, I can easily make it myself.

And there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of men and women just like me across this nation. Much less the world. We can't keep drugs out of this country, what makes you think that guns aren't being smuggled in? (They are, BTW, and being smuggled in by Democrat Senators from the State of California...Google "Leland Yee" if you doubt me)

Watch "Sons of Guns" sometime. Yes, they're experts at what they do, and I'm not taking anything away from them or highly skilled gunsmiths. But folks have been making semi-automatic rifles since 1885 and semi-automatic pistols since 1893. It's truly not rocket science.

Evil men will always be able to obtain the means to do harm. Only an armed man ready to defend himself and others can stop an evil man intent on doing harm to the innocent.

No amount of laws can make society safe. Only a society fully inhabited by disciples of Jesus Christ and fully and constantly obedient to the Holy Spirit would be so. But even that society would be threatened by a neighboring society bent on doing harm.

Read Genesis 3:24, and you'll see that mankind didn't invent weapons, God did. And if there's anything besides Almighty God that doesn't "need" a weapon, it's an angel.