Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two Birds With One Shot

I seem to have a gift for taking pieces of un-associated puzzles and fitting them together, and in that spirit, I offer the following:

The Obama administration demonizes guns at almost every chance. They don't like guns, they don't like citizens having guns, and don't like that we don't like them not liking us having guns. They have blocked the importation of several hundred thousand surplus M1 Carbines from South Korea that were used in the Korean War. They describe these guns as "military-grade", even though they were made 60 years ago, and haven't been in use for 40 years.

The Obama administration is also now hell-bent on getting us involved in the Syrian civil war. Setting aside the fact that most of the rebel groups are allied or associated with Al-Qaeda, they are Muslim extremists that are routinely massacring Christians and burning Christian churches.

However, how about this solution to both problems: We buy the surplus weapons from our (seriously) good friends and allies the South Koreans. We then donate those same "military-grade" weapons to the Syrian rebels for use. Tah-Dah! We've helped our allies and the rebels both! Plus, Obama won't have to worry about being (rightly) blamed for being anti-gun. Sorry, we can't import those guns anymore, we gave them to the Syrians!